What is the Best Food for Dogs with Allergies?

Just like humans, dogs too can suffer from different allergies. Your hound can be allergic to pollen, dust, fleas, grass, and even the food you feed them. Unfortunately, shopping can become frustrating for so many dog food brands, especially if your dog has allergies.

On the other hand, specialized foods can be costly because of their hypoallergenic ingredients, such as bison and venison. But, despite these challenges in finding the best allergy-free food for your dog, there are still foods that will suit your allergic fur-friend.


What Are Some Common Dog Allergies?

As mentioned before, dogs too can have allergic reactions to dust, grass, pollen, and other foods. In the case of foods, any dog food can cause allergies for your hound. However, the most common dog allergies can be triggered by foods with protein, especially dairy products. Other dog food allergies triggers include beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, soy, pork, fish, etc.

If your dog is allergic to one of these foods, it doesn't mean that it cannot develop allergies from other foods. Dogs can still develop allergies from multiple dog foods and additives as well. The best way to rule out which type of food is causing dog allergies is by using the food trial method that helps determine the exact food type causing dog allergies. A type of dog food can become an allergen because of a genetic factor passed down from a pup's parent. An allergic reaction can also develop from prolonged exposure to a specific type of food.

The best way to help your dog with an allergy reaction is to contact your vet, who can adequately diagnose the food allergy. Your vet will also recommend the best food for dogs with allergies instead of going rounds in a vicious circle of food changes and continuous allergic flare-ups.

Environmental factors, such as dust and pollen, can cause dog allergies, but the food is the most common factor that causes dog allergies. Also, there are no pure, hypoallergenic foods that all dogs with allergies can use; different dogs are allergic to different dog food.

What Foods Can Cause an Allergy Flare-Up in Your Dog?

What happens when your dog has an allergy flare-up? Allergy flare-ups in pets will work in the same way as in humans. The body may perceive the food your dog takes as harmful, and elicit a defense mechanism to defend itself against the 'harmful ingredient.' The body's reaction to allergic food is what we call allergy symptoms. Your dog may have an itch all through its body or sometimes only on its ears. Sometimes you may also notice that your pup will also have a stomach upset and maybe diarrhea.

Once you notice that your dog has a food allergy, your vet will recommend that you put them under a 'food trial method,' which will determine the culprits of the allergy. Luckily, there are food companies that manufacture dog food specifically. These foods are manufactured with extra care to get rid of any allergens.

How to Prevent Dog Food Allergies

Since protein-rich foods cause many food allergies, many brands make dog foods with hydrolyzed proteins. These proteins are broken into such tiny parts that your dog's sensitive immune system will not notice and therefore react to them.

You can also try out gluten-filled dog food since only a small percentage of dogs are allergic to gluten-filled food. Your vet may recommend that you try out gluten-rich foods like barley, wheat, and rye.

Also, you need to watch your dog like a hawk. Be on the lookout for each food your dog eats, and be alert when they experience a change in their body. Consider homemade dog food since you are better positioned to leave out ingredients that may cause an energy flare-up. However, you need to watch out for the nutritional value of your homemade dog food. You don't want to escape allergies only to get into serious and negative health issues with your pup.

Try Cornucopia Pet Food

Cornucopia is a dog food brand that greatly believes in giving your dog all-natural organic food. Dr. Broderick, the doctor behind Cornucopia, is a licensed and experienced veterinarian with over 50 years of veterinary practice.

At Cornucopia, your dog's health is the only concern, and that is why we pride ourselves on manufacturing dog food that is free of harmful and toxic ingredients. However, if your main aim is to buy food free from allergens, talk to Doctor Broderick by calling (631) 546-6587. He will carefully listen to you and help you determine which dog food is best for your dog with Allergies.

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