Can Dogs Eat Apples?

The answer is yes. Dogs can eat apples. Apples make an excellent meal for mature dogs as they are high in fiber. Moreover, the apple fruit is a good source of vitamin A and C. Vitamin A will help your dog have a strong vision, have better reproductive health, and boost the immunity of your pet dog. Similarly, vitamin C will help reduce inflammation and promote vitality in your dog. Dogs can also eat an apple as a source of vital minerals for health, such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.


Can I Feed my Dog Apples Every Day?

Dogs do like eating apples and it's so easy to be tempted to feed your dog apples daily. However, your canine friend doesn't need to eat apples daily as they are carnivorous that do not benefit from regularly consuming vegetables and fruits.

Moderation needs to be exercised when feeding dogs with apples. The apples are mostly fed to the dogs as a treat after feeding on other nutritious dog foods. Dog owners feed their pets with apples mostly in summer as the apples contain high amounts of water. The dogs will benefit from the apples during such periods as they will be hydrated.

Feeding dogs with apples from day to day is quite monotonous and can lead to some health complications for your lovely pet. Stomach upset, and diarrhea are quite common in dogs that eat apples quite often.

Dogs that eat apples daily are likely to suffer from cyanide poisoning. The cyanide is contained in the seeds of apples. Dogs suffering from cyanide poisoning experience hypoxia, a condition where the dogs have got low oxygen in the blood. The cyanide is activated when the apple seeds are chewed and ingested.

Can Small Dogs Eat Apples?

Absolutely. Small dogs can eat apples. However, puppies need to be monitored when they are taking the apples. The supervision is reasonably necessary if the small dogs are eating apples for the first time. Special attention has to be given to the small dogs when feeding on apples, unlike the attention given to the senior dogs. The apples also reduce the problem of cognitive aging as the small dogs grow older.

The apple core should be removed when small dogs take it as it can choke the puppies or lead to some indigestion in the small dogs. The apples are peeled for small dogs that are experiencing problems of indigestion. Apples can be an excellent treat for your small dog if it does not experience any digestive problems. Would you mind making sure to consult your veterinarian in good time in case your dog starts experiencing indigestion? Please do. Veterinarians are best placed to offer medical advice regarding dogs.

How to Serve Apples for Dogs?

Apples are an excellent snack for the dogs when they are served as either sliced or cubed. It is not recommended to serve your dog with a whole apple. Remarkable tact and skill are needed when preparing apples for your dogs. The dogs are likely to eat more of the fruit when it is not only well-prepared but also well served.

It is acceptable to throw the apples to the ground or the floor for your dog. However, the dog's sliced or cubed apples are served in a clean and preferably stainless steel bowl. The steel bowl should be strictly used for dog eating purposes and should not be mixed with other utensils in the home to avoid contamination.

Apples on the floor or ground can be contaminated and make your dog sick. Some dogs eating the apples for the first time may experience an allergy, which has symptoms of difficulty in breathing, coughing, and sneezing. It is advisable for you to immediately see a veterinarian when your dog exhibits any of these symptoms.

Dogs that are experiencing digestive problems should not be fed apples. The apples can also achieve a cooling experience for the dogs when they are frozen for the warm and hot weather. Keeping reading to learn how best to prepare apples for dogs

Steps For Preparing Apples For Your Dog

  • Properly wash the apples with clean running water.
  • Remove the core part of the apple, which is not edible. The stem and seeds are removed in this part.
  • The apple should or should not be peeled depending on the size or digestive behavior of your dog.
  • The apple is cut into cubes or slices that the dogs can easily swallow.

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