Can My Dog Eat Watermelon?

One of the healthiest fruits and foods for humans is watermelon, which is full of healthy fluids containing vitamins and fiber. But can dogs eat watermelon, too? To provide your dog with a healthy diet, make sure that all the food you provide for them is safe. As for watermelons, yes, your dog can eat watermelons safely. In fact, it is quite a high-moisture and nutrient-packed treat that dogs love just as much as humans.

Watermelon also contains sugar and carbohydrates to give your pet healthy energy. However, too much watermelon can make your dog have an upset stomach due to too much fiber, sugar, and water. Dogs with certain medical conditions like diabetes will also need to restrict this food. If this is applicable to your pet, speak to their vet first to find out the amount of watermelon best suited for your dog.

How Much Watermelon Can I Give My Dog? 

Dogs should primarily eat dog food that is scientifically formulated to have the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals. That being said, watermelon is safe, but too much is not when it comes to a balanced diet. Feed your pet 90 percent dog food, and then give them 10 percent other foods including watermelon.

The fruit is a treat for a dog, nature’s candy if you will. Also, only give your dog the red flesh of the watermelon. The rind cannot be treated like a chew toy or doggy bone, allowing them to chew off the remaining flesh. Avoid the seeds as well, choosing only seedless watermelon when feeding your dog this fruit.

How much watermelon can I give my dog depends on their other treats as well. Too much sugar will upset their stomach, as will too many liquids in foods. Prevent your dog from getting diarrhea or constipation by varying its diet. For example, avoid just using fruits as a snack and include proteins as well.

If you have a new dog or a puppy, start them off small with a taste of watermelon. See how well they adjust to the food before giving them more than a cup full. This will help in case they are allergic or otherwise sensitive to this fruit.

Can Small Dogs Eat Watermelon? 

Smaller dogs and smaller breeds in general should be able to eat watermelon. However, when it comes to can small dogs eat watermelon whole, no. The fruit is much too large to handle. You will have to cut up the watermelon, and remove the black seeds, as well as the rind, to prevent the dog from choking. Here you would be better off giving your small dog a watermelon slushy or smoothie made from blending up a watermelon. You can do this with frozen watermelon or cold fruit, which will give you various textures in the finished dish.

Smaller dogs will be more likely to get a brain freeze from too cold of a treat, so keep this in mind when serving your pet. The 90/10 ratio of pet food to pet treats also applies here, but in smaller quantities. For example, if you are giving your larger dog an entire cup of watermelon each day, only give your small dog about a tablespoon in their bowl. Also, avoid chunks or strips of watermelon that are likely to get lodged in your small dog’s throat. This can be avoided by breaking down the fruit before serving.

How to Serve Watermelon for Dogs

There are many ways to serve watermelon to a dog, just like you can serve watermelon to a human. This starts with raw, cold, fresh watermelon cut up into chunks. Avoid any spices including sugar, salt, or hot pepper when feeding your dog a watermelon. If your dog is unable to chew whole pieces of watermelon, it’s fine to puree the fruit and serve it as a smoothie. Add additional fruits to the mix and create a fruit cocktail for your doggy as a healthy snack.

Consider freezing it a bit to create a slushy effect that would be great in the hot summer months. Frozen watermelon chunks are also efficient for feeding dogs and would be welcomed for larger pups. However, smaller dogs should avoid frozen watermelon chunks to prevent choking.

Dehydrated watermelon is another way to serve watermelon for dogs safely. When you dehydrate fruit, it creates a leathery texture that is great for chewing, which dogs love in general. This will extend the life of your summer fruit and help you save money on dog treats and is a great way to treat yourself!

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