Cornucopia Pet Foods & Supplements are not like any other product on the market. Do a side by side comparison of our product to any other Pet Food and you will see differentiators in almost every category of quality, value and nutritional content. The value of Cornucopia is in our Organic and Wild Caught Proteins, our GMO free ingredients, the Metabolizable Energy (ME) packed in every can, our commitment to No Antibiotics, No Artificial Colors, No Natural or Artificial Flavors, No Sweeteners or Refined Sugars, No Aspartame or other hidden sugars, No MSG, No Artificial Preservatives, and No Animal By-Products or Food Waste.

We're not interested in "pulling one over" on the American consumer. We're not seeking record profit margins at the expense of your pet's health. It costs Cornucopia more money to make our product because we use only the best ingredients. We could easily pass those costs along to customers and charge two or three times what we do for our products. But that's not our mission. Our goal is to provide your pets with the best. To ensure that they live long and healthy lives through the power of preventative nutrition. At Cornucopia Pet Foods, your pets health is our first, last, and only concern.

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick Leads The NYC March On Monsanto

Cornucopia Pet Foods Are GMO Free:

Dr. Broderick and Cornucopia Pet Foods have made a strong commitment to raise awareness of, and promote against, the use of GMO food sources. He firmly believes that the rise of Genetically Modified Organisms and their infiltration into our food supply, is the #1 emerging health crisis in the world today. In 2015, Dr. Geoffrey Broderick led the NYC March Against Monsanto and is a passionate advocate for food labeling.

Cornucopia Pet Foods are GMO Free. In addition to sourcing Organic Chicken and Turkey and Wild Caught Salmon and Sardines, we ensure that every other food, vitamin, or mineral sourced for Cornucopia comes from reputable, passionate providers who share our morals and philosophy. Doc does not poison his own body with GMO foods, and provides that same level of commitment for your pets.

Cornucopia Pet Foods Are Carbohydrate Free

Cornucopia Pet Foods Contain 1% Or Less Carbohydrates:

Carbs are not native to a cat's diet, and for dogs, they provide nothing but empty calories and extra dollars for the pet food industry. Cornucopia does not include carbohydrates in its formulation. Carbohydrates were introduced into the pet food supply because they are an extremely cheap way to increase the calorie count in pet foods without providing any significant nutritional value. If you've even been on a diet, you know that bread and grains are mostly empty calories to be avoided. Why wouldn't the same hold true for your pets?

Carbs, like barley, rice, corn and soy, not only can be sourced from genetically modified producers of Monsanto grain, but they suck up multiple times their weight and volume of water. Including a large volume of carbs in a pet food is the equivalent of filling half the can with a sponge to suck up water weight and increase profit.

Cornucopia Has Less Water Per Can Than Practically Every Other Product On The Market:

Your pet gets enough water from their bowl. Water in your pet food serves only one purpose - to line the pockets of the pet food industry. Water is a free ingredient which not only reduces manufacturing costs, but also dilutes the value of the contents in canned pet food substantially. Did you know that label regulations mandate that the order in which ingredients are listed on a can of pet food indicates the total volume of those ingredients? The first ingredient in the list is the most prevalent (meaning it weighs the most), and the last ingredient listed weighs the least.

Pet Food Companies Use Water To Make Cash

You read labels for the food you put on your table. Here at Cornucopia, we're promoting this same practice for the food you put in your pets bowl. Pick up a can of dog or cat food at your local grocery store and read the label (if the print is large enough to see without a magnifying glass). What do you notice about the first ingredient? It's water right? Or maybe a sly word to disguise water, like broth... Now pick up a can of Cornucopia All Natural Pet Food. Notice that water (or broth) is listed as the 6th ingredient? This tells you that there is vastly less water in a can of Cornucopia.

Water is free! The more water that you put in the can, the less it costs you to make that can and the more profitable it is to sell. At Cornucopia, we're less interested in increased margins and profitability - our mission is to make healthy, nutritious food to ensure your pets live a long and healthy life.

If your pet likes a moister meal and craves the "gravy," simply add a little of that free stuff that comes out of your kitchen sink to the Cornucopia mix... 

Cornucopia Pet Foods Are Chock-Full Of Protein

Cornucopia Pet Foods Are Chock-Full of Protein:

If you have less water in the can then what's filling it up? The answer is that our cans of Cornucopia are loaded with a variety of optimal biological value, nutrient-dense proteins and fats from chicken, turkey, liver, wild salmon and sardines, whole eggs, and more. These ingredients are extremely high in usable calories that deliver maximum energy and nutritional excellence to our pets.

And it's not just the fact that Cornucopia is chock-full of protein... Where that protein comes from is an extremely important factor. Cornucopia Pet Foods are made with Organic or Wild Caught proteins. The same chicken you buy in the supermarket at a premium price because it carries the USDA Organic label goes into every can of Cornucopia. Our Salmon and Sardines are Wild Caught, not farmed in fish factories. Sure, Grade A Organic Eggs cost more, but don't you feel more comfortable feeding your pets food that has the highest of standards? 

Don't Feed Garbage To Your Pets

Cornucopia Pet Foods Contain No Animal By-Products, Food Waste, Animal "Meals" or Rendered Proteins:

Would you allow your pet to eat out of the garbage? Unlike many of the other pet foods on the market today, Cornucopia Pet Foods are not made with someone else's throwaways. We don't source our proteins out of the trash bins of supermarkets, the leftovers of the poultry industry, or rotten and diseased food deemed "inedible" not fit for human consumption by the USDA. We don't boil down dirty ingredients in the rendering process to make them unrecognizable. And we don't use products that have been "denatured" with cancer causing chemicals and bio-hazardous waste. Our Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Liver and Eggs come from reputable USDA Certified Organic Farmers and Wild Catch Fishing Boats in the North Atlantic and Pacific Northwest.

We don't want to get into the details of all of the horrific practices of the Commercial Pet Food cartels here. It's really not all that pleasant though. Do a little bit of homework and you will find out some of the pet food industries' dirty little secrets. Google "Denatured Animal By-Products," or "Chicken Meal," if you want to find out more. But be warned... You may want to do it on an empty stomach. It certainly makes us sick to know what the average American is feeding their beloved pets. We want to break that cycle, raise awareness, and help people realize that the pet food industry is poisoning our loved ones in the name of profit.

Ask yourself; "Would you feed this stuff to your Human Children?"

Cornucopia Food Contains Metabolizable Energy, Not Fillers:

The bottom line to the value of our food both nutritionally and economically is Metabolizable Energy, commonly referred to as ME. ME is the measure of the usability of food for biological value. It goes beyond calorie count to measure what the body actually utilizes after eating, digesting, and eliminating waste. It is the measurement of what we keep inside of us to fuel, grow, maintain, rebuild, replace, and thrive.

ME Is expressed as kilo calories per kilogram (kcal/kg) of usable food (not water and fillers) in the can or package. Cornucopia contains an average of 1,900 kcal /kg. This is approximately 1.6 times the ME of the so-called "best pet foods" on the market. Be warned! We're going to get into some math here...

Other "Super-Premium" pet foods on the market sell at $3.33 for a 12oz can in the store. Cornucopia sells for around the same price, with taxes and home delivery included! Cornucopia has an ME of approximately 1.6 times other "super premium" pet foods. Therefore; the true value of Cornucopia expressed in dollar value is actually [$3.80 + $.36 tax ($4.16) x 1.6 ME = $6.65] for a can of Cornucopia delivered to your home. In real terms, this also means that you need to feed less of our product to your pets for them to receive the same nutritional value. When you are only paying $4.16 for Cornucopia, and it is actually worth at least $6.65 per can, that is true value!

It gets even better. When you purchase any one of our 3 Case, 4 Case or 6 Case Specials you save more. For example, the 3 and 4 Case Special brings the cost per can down to $3.99 per can while the 6 Case Special drops the price to $3.92 per can. This includes taxes and shipping to your home! Remember, this is not the way to make gigantic profits in the pet food industry. This is the way to make nutritionally dense, human grade food for our beloved pets. This is the way that Dr. Geoffrey Broderick insists that it be made.

Another big difference between Cornucopia Pet Foods and other "Super-Premiums," our food is made with Organic and Wild Caught Ingredients. Now make the comparison...

Cornucopia Pet Foods Are Made With All Human Grade Ingredients:

This is not some clever advertising gimmick or a cheap publicity stunt for yet another new "copy cat" pet product. Dr. Broderick is now, and has always been, a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine, now well into his 49th year of practice. Doc has been making food his healthy way for more than 49 years and he has been eating his food all that time, in front of millions of people at seminars and conferences as well as in the worldwide media.

Wait, What? Doc Eats The Pet Food and Supplements? YES! Dr. Geoffrey Broderick eats a sample of food from every production run of every variety of Cornucopia Pet Foods that he makes. He also mixes Cornucopia Super-Food and Cornucopia Phyto-Food into his daily smoothy. And at 76 years of age, Doc has all the vitality of a man half his age. It goes back to his unique and rare belief system - Doc will not make, distribute or sell anything for your pets that he does not eat himself. This make Dr. Broderick comfortable in the knowledge that nothing is going to happen to our animal children that he feeds every day all over the world. So, nothing is shipped before he eats it! Making a healthy, human grade, organic food that increases the lifespan of dogs and cats the world over is what Doc does. That is at the very core of his belief system. Dr. Geoffrey Broderick is in his 49th year of teaching and coaching people everyday from all over the world and he repeats this mantra - "You Can Not Have A Longer Life If You Don't Have A Healthier Life."

Cornucopia Pet Foods Contain Natural Preservatives, Not Chemicals:

Cornucopia Pet Foods are naturally preserved with Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The appropriate levels of these essential vitamins preserve our Pet Food making it shelf stable and long lasting. We do not add chemical preservatives, because they are just not necessary! They are another ploy of the commercial pet food industry to extend the life of their products long after they should be off the shelves. Researchers at Penn State University recently concluded a study examining the effects of food storage on nutrient value and determined that the longer foods remain uneaten, the more they shed nutrient value. This includes foods preserved with chemical additives. So the food in your pet's can may have a longer shelf life... It may not be rotten when you open it two years after the time that it was made, but every day it's nutritional value decreases. Cornucopia's Pet Foods do not sit on shelves in warehouses waiting to be purchased. We make enough food to satisfy our customers needs and our turn-over is extremely rapid.

Cornucopia Pet Foods Are Antibiotic Free, Free of Artificial Colors and Flavors, and Contain No Artificial Sweeteners or Refined Sugars:

Look, we could go on and on about the things that set Cornucopia Pet Foods apart from every other product on the market. But if you've made it this far into this article, chances are you've already come to appreciate the Value of Cornucopia. Aside from everything we've mentioned before, Doc's commitment to the best all natural, GMO free, Organic and Wild Caught, Protein Packed pet food on the market is infused into every decision he makes as to the ingredients of his products. Why would he go to all that trouble sourcing organic and wild caught proteins and then pump 'em full of antibiotics. Why would he dump sugar, artificial flavors and cancer causing colors into the mix? The answer is he wouldn't. There is not one ingredient in any can of Cornucopia Pet Foods that is not specifically designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of your pets. That's the bottom line...