Your Pets Health Is Our First, Last, & Only Priority!

Cornucopia Products

Cornucopia is the only all-natural and organic pet food in the world created by a world renowned veterinarian / nutritionist with one overriding goal: Proper nutrition will not only help pets live longer, healthier lives -- but it may actually prevent certain diseases from ever starting.

Cornucopia Pet Food has NO added chemicals, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or pesticides. 28 Nutritious ingredients. All-natural, containing organic and wild-caught ingredients. Low salt and no added sugar. Chelated minerals for greater bio-availability. Careful packaging and consistent quality control testing. So close to "people food" that pets naturally love it.

Created and Prepared by a Licensed, Practicing Veterinarian to better your pets health through optimum nutrition. NO Added Artificial: Flavorings, Colorings, Preservatives, Pesticides, Sweeteners or Sugars and NO MSG. Cornucopia has made a strong commitment to be GMO Free.

Natural Pet Foods Preserved Naturally with Vitamin E & Vitamin C.

What is the best dog food? What do cats eat with a finicky appetite? What nutrients can help prevent disease? The answer is Cornucopia Pet Foods and Supplements, a superfood diet created by a practicing veterinarian for optimal pet health and longevity.