Doc’s Supplements Are Grrrrreat!

People take supplements for a lot of reasons, even people who eat well (i.e. balanced, organic, non- GMO, etc.) But, why? One of the most common reasons is to offset both past and present exposure to everyday poisons and pollutants in the air, the water, the food, and the soil. It makes sense when we do it, so why not extend that protection to our furry children? It’s exactly why Doc Broderick formulated Phyto-Food and Super-Food, using the finest ingredients in the world. Made for both dogs and cats, these supplements work together to strengthen and support optimum health for a longer, stronger life.

Phyto-Food, based on the Pacific Rim Diet, is a powerful blend of superfoods, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, vitamins, naturally chelated minerals, and probiotics designed to provide advanced immunity support and extra protection for your pet.

Super-Food is based on the Mediterranean diet. It’s a potent blend of superfoods, antioxidants, and free radical defense minerals mixed with nutrient rich algae to protect your pet from diseases.

Doc has seen the results of these preparations used in his own practice for decades, observing lifespans that exceed the national average, giving families the chance at a longer, healthier relationship with their pets.

One loyal Cornucopia Pet Foods customer said, “In my own experience, my animals have been taking Phyto-Food and Super-Food daily for many years. My 16+ year old Madame Magpie Mim jumps up on the counter to get hers. Need I say more?”

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  • "Many pet foods contain corn as the main ingredient. Dogs and cats are not “cornivores’….they are carnivores!"
  • "If I can’t eat the food, I won’t give it to my pets either."
  • "Our pets are the only ones in our family who give us unconditional love."
  • "The animals are our children. They deserve the same quality food as our two-legged children."
  • "Your pets are members of the family so treat them like members of the family."
  • "I can help your pets live longer, healthier lives."
  • "Feed your pets what your grandfather fed his pets."
  • "Would you eat what you are feeding your pet? No? Then don’t feed it."
  • "Cats are obligate carnivores, not herbivores."
  • "Animals are my children."
  • "You have never in your life been to a doctor or veterinarian who taught you how to prevent disease (or who taught you about nutrition.)"
  • "Developed with Passion by a practicing veterinarian."
  • "If your human children died at 25 instead of 75 that would get your attention as to what is going on with pets."
  • "I am abolishing disease in my practice."
  • "1 out of 5 children in the average American family walks on all fours."
  • "Tell your pet every day that you love them."
  • "You can communicate with your pet, just listen."
  • "Would you feed your other children pet food?"
  • "Think about which members of your family give you unconditional love. Then treat them the same."
  • "We don’t make pet food, we make food for pets"
  • "Give them a “mouse-full”"
  • "Read the ingredients, would you eat that?"
  • "Does your pet deserve any less?"
  • "Where else do you get unconditional love?"
  • "Who is always happy to see you?"
  • "Who never complains about their day?"
  • "Give back to your pets the unconditional love that they give you."
  • "I put unconditional love into my food, my products, my patients, my practice."
  • "These blessed creatures are giving you unconditional love. Feeding them healthy, pure organic food is not much to ask in return."
  • "Let an animal in your heart and experience unconditional love."
  • "Unconditional love is when you love with all that you have."
  • "Unconditional love is giving without taking."
  • "Unconditional love is above all the gift of one’s self."
  • "Unconditional love is above all the gift of life."
  • "Unconditional love is the deepest essence of life."
  • "Unconditional love is always available for the asking."
  • "There is nothing more exhilarating than animal love."
  • "We all need to ask ourselves, “What are we giving to the world?”"
  • "Pursue your passion. I did."
  • "I make pet food the way Mother Nature intended."
  • "You were told your whole life not to feed your pet off the table. That turned out to be a lie to help sell pet food."

- Doc -