Is Coconut Good for Dogs? 8 Benefits You Need to Know About

There comes or will come a time in your life as a dog lover and enthusiast when you wonder, is coconut good for dogs? Can my dog eat coconuts? And if so, how much coconut can I give my dog? Just what are the benefits of coconuts for dogs anyway?

If you have ever considered any of the questions above, then you are in luck, for we, at Cornucopia Pet Foods have, and wish to share our research findings on the matter with you. 

Can My Dog Eat Coconut? 

 Were you intending to give coconut to your dog to eat, but were not sure whether it is non-toxic for it? If so, then wonder no longer-both coconut oil and coconut meat are non-toxic for your dog, to an extent. This is because coconut contains medium-chain triglycerides capable of causing gastrointestinal upset and bloating. As such, please confirm with your vet first before proceeding to give coconut to your dog.

Other than that, is coconut good for dogs? Yes, dogs can generally eat coconut and coconut meat is especially healthy for them. 

Since coconut is good for dogs, just how much coconut can I give my dog, you ask? Well, we anticipated that question too and are only too happy to share our findings with you. 

How Much Coconut Can I Give My Dog?

First, a word of caution. When giving your dog coconut, remove the shell as it is likely to get stuck in its esophagus leading to intestinal irritation and potential blockage.  

As to how much coconut you can give your dog, our rule of thumb here is-too much coconut is not good for your dog. Please don't give it the whole coconut all at once-moderation is key.

Containing stomach-bloating-medium triglycerides and high in calories, when feeding your dog coconut meat, give it only small amounts not likely to cause gastrointestinal distress.  

Similarly, should you want to pamper your furry friend by giving it high-quality coconut oil, ensure it is non-hydrogenated. Begin by giving it small amounts. Preferably, drizzle onto your dog's food a recommended maximum daily amount of about one tablespoon per 30 pounds of body weight. Watch out for any stomachache signs.

In case you want to give your dog coconut oil in the form of pup-sicles, then mix half a cup of solid coconut oil with some of your dog's favorite frozen fruit. 

Despite coconut containing gastrointestinal triglycerides, and you always having to monitor how much coconut you can give your dog, coconut actually has more benefits than risks for dogs.

Eight Benefits of Coconut for Dogs

When it comes to the benefits of coconut for dogs, quite a number stem from a medium-chain fatty acid called Lauric. From Lauric alone, dogs derive:

1) Energy

After eating a coconut, your dog's body absorbs whole molecules and uses them as a direct energy source.

2) Protection and treatment from viruses

Lauric-containing coconut defends and treats your dog against viruses like influenza, yeast infections, ringworms, and Giardia -a single-celled parasite inhabiting the intestines of mammals.

3) Anti-inflammation

Lauric's major anti-inflammatory properties (i.e. reduction of swelling) quickens healing of cuts, hot spots and reduces skin dryness and itchiness. 

4)Arthritis soothing   

 Since arthritis is mainly caused by inflammation, giving your dog a Lauric-containing coconut will most likely soothe its painful joints.

5) Immune system boost

Generally, coconuts are full of antioxidants that sustain the immune system. Studies have proved the anti-viral properties of coconuts. In this regard, when your dog consumes coconuts, this helps its body build protection against foreign microbes like bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi.

6) Snack

Akin to our Cornucopia coconut-infused doggie supplements and treats, coconut is the ideal snack for a sick or convalescing dog. 

7) Skin and coat conditioning

Useful both internally and externally, when coconut is given to dogs, the oil acts as a moisturizer, soothes inflammation and heals wounds. From just eating coconut meat alone, your dog's skin improves. On the other hand, the fatty acids contained in coconuts help your dog's coat become soft and healthy. 

8)Vitamins, minerals, and fibers

High in vitamins, minerals and fiber, coconuts are highly nutritious for dogs. Coconuts' key nutrients include manganese which is vital to bone health. As with your own, fibers are great for your dog's metabolism.  

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