The Complete Dachshund Care Guide

There are plenty of reasons why to choose a dachshund as a pet. They're smart, friendly, and small enough to be an ideal travel partner. Plus, a dachshund's life expectancy is longer than most other breeds of dog. 

However, a dachshund's quality of life is solely dependent upon the care provided. Understand, there are several factors to consider when attempting to preserve a pet's ability to live as long as possible.

Here is the complete dachshund care guide:

How Long Do Dachshunds Live?

The natural lifespan of a dachshund is between 10-to-11 years. Some can live to be 16-years old. Nevertheless, a dachshund's life expectancy is based on its genetics. But their life can be extended by receiving the right care from their owners. 

Some of the leading causes of a dachshund's death include old age, cancer, heart disease and other medical conditions. Each possible cause of death correlates with the pet's genetic makeup. Often, an autopsy will show their genes were susceptible to contracting a deadly disease or serious medical condition. A dachshund's care program should be designed to gain long-term health.

How Big Do Dachshunds Get?

The average height and weight of dachshunds do fluctuate depending on the breed of the dog. Miniature dachshunds stand approximately five to six inches tall and weigh no more than 11 pounds. Standard dachshunds stand approximately 8-9 inches tall and weigh between 16-32 pounds as a grown adult. Because of their height and weight, each breed is an ideal companion for apartment dwellers. 

What Are Dachshunds Bred For?

Dachshunds are bred as scout hound badger dogs. It is exactly what their name means: Dachs = badger and hund = dog. Do not take for granted their short stature as dachshunds are tough enough to take care of themselves against larger animals. They're best at corralling badgers, rabbits, and foxes. Hunters will use a pack of dachshunds to contain a wild boar on their exotic adventures. 

The breed's short legs enable them to dig and maneuver through extremely tight spaces without being limited in movement. Plus, dachshunds are the perfect choice to guard homesteads against unwanted wild predators. They're smart and very attentive to their surroundings. Dachshunds make ideal watchdogs because of their loud bark, which alerts everyone that someone has entered the property. Thus, making them one of the most courageous guard dogs. 

Five Tips For Dachshund Care

Create a Healthy Diet

Educate yourself about creating the healthiest diet for your dachshund. There are a variety of options, including a strict raw or homemade diet. The choice depends upon the pet's genetics as there will be several ingredients to avoid to preserve a dachshund's health. Rotating their food can be very beneficial. The goal is to introduce a dachshund to different meats and necessary nutrients.

Retaining Ideal Weight

Retaining an ideal weight only works if a dachshund is served the right food portions for each meal. Too many treats or feeding table scraps from your meal are all leading causes of a dachshund becoming overweight. Because of their small stature, a dachshund can gain weight in a short amount of time. It is important to keep track of their weight weekly.

Daily Exercise Routine 

All dogs need to exercise, and a daily routine will not hurt a dachshund. Maintaining a schedule will have a positive impact on their overall health. Exercising will help improve a dachshund's cardiovascular system and strengthen its core muscles that support the body frame's long spine. A typical exercise routine should consist of a 30–60-minute walk or hike because of a dachshund's natural high energy level. Local parks are an ideal location because of the terrain. 

Regular Visits to the Vet

Maintaining a regular schedule of visits to the veterinarian throughout the year will help to better care for your dachshund. The plan will keep your pet updated with all of their vaccine shots, prevent heartworm from developing and catching potential life-threatening illnesses in their early developmental stage. Plus, microchip your dachshund ASAP. The purpose of microchipping your pet is to provide an immediate form of identification if they become lost. Each visit to the vet will increase your dachshund's life expectancy.

Good Grooming Skills

Just like humans, dachshunds need good grooming habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The grooming requirements do vary for each breed of dachshund. There are three different coat variations (smooth, long, and wire-haired) that need slightly contrasting grooming. All dachshunds should be bathed every three months with a gentle, natural shampoo.

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