Sky (14 Month Old German Shephard) - Fame Cohen, Owner

I want to thank Dr. Broderick for creating this wonderful line of pet foods and supplements! I am a very conscious shopper when it comes to Sky, my 14 month old german shepherd rescue. I've never been impressed with anything in the pet stores regarding dog food. I stuck to organic brands or raw food mostly but never felt 100% confident about her nutritional intake. She was a very picky eater and rarely finished an entire serving. When I came across Cornucopia on Shark Tank it seemed very impressive so I decided to try it out. Doc made so much sense to me as I lost my last dog to the pitfalls of commercial food and meds on the market. The heartbreak was so bad, I vowed to search high and low for something better the next time around. When I received my first shipment, Sky devoured her first serving! I could tell the quality of the food just by smelling it and seeing her response. Now she is eating every meal and her entire appetite is healthier. I feel automatically better knowing her food is "enjoyable".

 She no longer has large soft stool, mucous or "the runs". Her energy is very steady and she is no longer overly hyper. I immediately saw a difference in temperament as well, she was calmer and less disruptive. At one point, Shark Tank re-aired and Cornucopia was on back-order so I put my dog back on commercial organic dog food for approximately 2 weeks... I felt like she had ADD! She was hyper, disruptive and charged up. Her attention span shortened and she was less focused. It was like watching a child react to a bag of candy. I also noticed something extremely interesting regarding her immune system. I had been feeding her Cornucopia with the supplements for approximately 2 months when I fostered another GSD from the local kill shelter. He came to me with a terrible case of kennel cough and it was very hard for me to keep the 2 puppies separated (in a NYC apartment) as they were so excited to be together. I was very concerned about Sky contracting kennel cough but she did not! At all!!! Anyone who's ever dealt with kennel cough knows how extremely contagious it is. My dog's immune system seemed to be in top shape at that point. I genuinely believe it is due to the food and supplements she is taking.

At first it seems expensive but it really isn't considering you don't have to buy dry food to mix it with and the contents I add to it are already in my fridge. She loves it so much I can mix it with leafy greens, veggies and fruits and she will still eat it right up. I also add the supplements to her food. My dog has no weight issues either. She is in great shape and has great energy. She is so happy during feeding times now! Thank you so much! I can't recommend it enough!

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