7 Year Old. 2lb. Yorkie and Other Dogs - Ed and Dawn Shevak

We would like to thank Dr. Broderick and his staff for the superb, organic, line of pet food and supplements they offer. Two years ago, our 2lb Yorkie had become very ill, experiencing severe issues with her liver and kidneys. She had become very lethargic because, her kidneys were shutting down, due to her inability to manage the proteins, from her current diet. At the same time, her liver was having difficulty processing the normal amount of fat content. Our veterinarians believed that this was all due to the fact that she was only two pounds and that her kidneys and liver had not developed correctly. The prognosis looked grim at that point and we thought that we would have to put her down in the near future.

We had six dogs, at the time, and were feeding them the best food we could find at the local pet store. However, we remembered seeing Dr. Broderick on a past episode of Shark Tank, where he presented his line of pet food and supplements. It was on that episode where Dr. Broderick asserted that his supplements, along with his organic food line, had a long history of remarkable results, in helping animals recover from illnesses and prolonging their life span. 

We purchased the canned food, the olive oil, and Super food supplements, and mixed them with a combination of sweet potatoes, string beans. The results have been incredible, to say the least. Our 2lb Yorkie has fully recovered and has not had any issues with her kidneys or liver in the past two years.  Since changing to Cornucopia, our other dogs seem much more active, and healthier, due to their diet change, as well. Our 14 year old basset/beagle mix, looks as if she is only 7 years old. She seems more energetic and able to get around better than she ever has. In addition, all the dogs really love the food and supplements.

We cannot say enough about the results of the foods and supplements, as well as, the care and service that the people at Cornucopia have given us. We highly recommend it for your dogs and cats.

Thank you,

Dawn and Ed Shevac

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- Doc -