Gucci (Yellow Labrador Retriever) - Tara Hardoby


I am writing to tell you how Cornucopia has helped my Yellow LabradorRetriever, Gucci.  My mom told me about your products after seeing you onShark Tank.  I was trying to keep my lab as healthy as possible andsearching all kinds of food to see what worked best for him.  She knew I wasgoing crazy with trying to find a food that kept him healthy, lean and thatwas nutritious for him.  Being in the medical field, I am a firm believer inpreventative medicine for myself, so of course I believe in the same for mypets.  I want them to have happy and healthy lives.  Gucci was a healthypuppy but in the summer he would get horrific "hotspots" over his head andneck. I tried all kinds of skin supplements and changing his food around andI finally  I ordered the Cornucopia food, vitamins and olive oil and thoughtI'd give them a try.  He also had sweet potatoes, broccoli and other veggiesand organic peanutbutter for snacks.  These are the best products that Ihave tried, and I have pretty much tried them all.

Gucci is 5 years is now and has not had any hotspotssince starting the food/supplements a couple of years ago. His coat isextremely shiny and he isn't itching like he used to.  He was also exposedto kennel cough last summer by someone who brought an infected dog to myhouse.  Gucci started coughing a couple of days later, I did increase thesupplements and he only coughed for two days.  He never got sick where itbothered him, just coughing when he first woke up in the morning.  I amconvinced that the supplements shortened the duration and severity of hisbout with kennel cough.

My sister rescued a flat-coated retriever last summer and she bought thesupplements for her dog and she definitely noticed a difference in his coatand his skin condition.  I swear by the products and will use this food andsupplements for any future dog that joins my family.  I love that Dr.Broderick also makes himself available to his customers.  His employees athis vet clinic have also answered questions that I have had over the yearsconcerning my dog.  The shipping is fast and convenient.  These are productsthat I recommend to any pet owner who truly loves their animals and theirwell-being.

Tara Ruggiero Hardoby

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