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My 16 year old cat, Tony, had almost completely quit eating. He had lost a lot of weight and was just sleeping all the time. He has always eaten dry food - even though I tried to give him canned food when he was a kitten, he didn't like it. I was told Science Diet was the best - so that's what he's always had. He also has a very sensitive stomach and would throw up almost every day. My vet did not have anything that helped. I am so grateful to my coworker for telling me about Cornucopia pet food. She gave me a couple of cans to try and miraculously Tony loved it! I could see that he felt better within a few days of eating Cornucopia. I also give him their supplements mixed with the food. He hasn't thrown up since he started eating Cornucopia, two months ago. That is a miracle! He is gradually gaining weight and his coat looks better than ever.
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judy - Jun 02, 2016

I brought my very sick himalayan cat to Dr. Broderick back in April 2016 after all the nyc vets. and animal medical center had given up on him and were just pushing medicine that was making him even sicker. Last ditch effort to try to get him to eat as he was losing lots of weigh. He was was addicted to Weruva cat food and would not touch anything else. Dr. Broderick broke down the ingredients in it and I realized that it was the sugar in the potato starch (third ingredient)that was causing his obsession for this bad food. It took a good month to wean him off Weruva by cooking my own organic chicken for him and slowing mixing the Cornucopia into his diet along with the organic sulfur, phyto powder & super powder. It is my belief that the Weruva was killing my cat slowly. He is off all the awful medication that was making him sick (except for the famotidine)to treat damaged pancreas (probably brought on by all the sugar in his diet) and back to feeling happy and healthy again, thanks to the staff and Dr. Broderick at Cornucopia. The body has innate wisdom and will heal itself but you must supply it with the proper nutrition. I believe my cat will continue to heal now that he is getting real food and off all the sugar that breeds cancer and all other illness.

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