Ella - Roger Silverberg, Owner

This story begins when my cat Ella was 8 1/2 years old. For perhaps a month or so, Ella had been urinating more but was not showing any apparent loss of appetite. She may have lost a little weight, but I didn't think that, by itself, was terribly unusual since she did go up and down a but seasonally. But because of her urination, which also smelled differently than it normally did, I began paying more attention to her to see if there were other indicators of a problem. Upon my return from a five day out of town tour, I noticed Ella had dropped considerable weight. We observed Ella closely for perhaps another month before I brought her in to Southdown Animal Clinic. She was diagnosed as diabetic and was prescribed a daily dosage of insulin via injection, a change to a paper-based cat litter, and a radical dietary change away from the dry food she'd been eating to Cornucopia. This was in Spring of 2012.

About a year later we boarded Ella for a long weekend at Southdown Animal Clinic, leaving instructions for her twice daily insulin injections. I called Dr. Broderick's office to arrange for pick-up and "Doc" got on the phone to say that he had pulled Ella off insulin. Her urine was indicating zero glucose and her blood was normal. That she was, essentially, cured. We brought her home and monitored Ella closely for the next week, but did not give her any insulin.

I had been under the impression that Ella would need to be on a maintenance dosage of insulin for the rest of her life. Once a diabetic, always a diabetic. However, a strict diet of Cornucopia, coupled with occasional table food, cured my cat. It's now a few months short of two years since Ella last took and insulin shot. She's doing great.

Yours Most Sincerely,

Robert Silverberg
Huntington, NY

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- Doc -