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I love dogs~ especially little ones! My first dog was a Yorkie and she was a sickly dog that taught me the importance of nutrition for pets.

I currently have 5 dogs- 1 Papillon and 4 Chihuahua's and have fostered a handful as well. I discovered Cornucopia pet food through my vet Lori Ballinger who really believes in it! All of my dogs love the taste, which says a lot as small dogs can be finicky at times.

My favorite story about the healing powers of this remarkable food is about "Waldo" A friend asked me if I could dog sit this stray Chihuahua that her neighbor found and in the meantime look for a home for him. He had no tags, was covered in ticks, thin and scraggly- and very skittish. We knew nothing about him, except that he was young and had been neutered.

He ran away the day after we got him and disappeared in the countryside for 8 days. He had been spotted a mile away, but for some strange miracle he ended up back in our neighborhood where my husband captured him. A visit to the vet yielded a diagnosis of Lyme's and another tick disease, malnutrition, exhaustion, skin sores on his head and the alarming fact that he had gotten into rat poison. He was a very sick boy.

After convalescing with a few medications, Cornucopia food and lots of love, we named him Waldo and adopted him into our home. He is the picture of health, energetic and happy with no signs of ever having been ill!

Thank you Dr. Broderick!

Jodi Favata Esthetician

Visit me on: http://www.jodifavataskincare.com

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- Doc -