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How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Please use our handy-dandy calculator to determine how much you should feed your dog. By entering your dog's weight and activity level, we can determine approximately how much you should feed your dog per meal and per day, and how many cases / cans you will need to order per week and month.

Armed with this knowledge, you can take advantage of our new Recurring Subscription Service and have your pet's food delivered to your home automatically, with free shipping, on your schedule. Please click here to learn more about a Cornucopia Subscription.

Choose from two feeding methods:

Dr. Broderick's Feeding Paradigm - With this method, you will incorporate table scraps, or pre-mix sweet potato with our Cornucopia Pet Food, Creatan Olive Oil, Himalayan Mountain Crystal Salt, and Super-Food / Phyto-Food supplements to unlock the true "Power of Preventive Nutrition" for your dog. This method will save you money and is our optimal suggestion for your pet's health. Click here for more info about Doc's Paradigm.

Straight From The Can - Cornucopia Pet Foods are formulated with everything your pet needs straight from the can. With this method, we suggest adding the oil, salt and Super-Food / Phyto-Food combination, but you can skip the table scraps or sweet potato. You'll use approximately 2x the amount of Cornucopia Pet Food, but it will save you time and effort, and is perfect for busy pet owners who don't have leftovers from breakfast and dinner.