Why Supplements

Cornucopia's Super-Food and Phyto-Food Pet Supplements Can Help Your Pets Live Longer, Healthier Lives Through The Transformative Power of Preventive Nutrition

Cornucopia Super-Food and Phyto-Food are two delicious, easy-to-use natural supplements, healthy essentials designed to enhance any feeding regimen for your pets. You simply sprinkle and mix them into your pet’s food - any food! Cornucopia Super-Food and Phyto-Food are made from human food grade ingredients for human consumption and are made from raw natural whole ingredients sourced from the far corners of the world. They are natural and vegetarian. Completely free of sugar, sweeteners, molasses, corn syrup, and fructose (these are all sugars any way you try to spin it). There are no animal by-products, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, additives, or MSG. They are cold-ground (not exposed to the heat that destroys nutrients) into a fine powder for maximum digestion.

Super-Food Ingredients:

2700 mg (approx.. 1 teaspoon) provides

  • Carotene Complex (Beta, Alpha, Gamma) – 300 iu
  • Vitamin C (Ester-C) – 200 mg
  • Vitamin E (mixed natural Tocopherols) – 100 iu
  • Zinc (Z. Ascorbate) – 10 mg
  • Selenium (Yeast Bound) – 15 mcg
  • Bioflavonoid Complex – 50 mg
  • Chlorella – 50 mg
  • Spirulina – 50 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba – 20 mg
  • Biotin – 500 mg
  • Bee Pollen – 20 mcg
  • Taurine – 50 mg
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex (Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase) – 50 mg
  • Acidophilus – 10 mg
  • Fossil Mineral Flour – 50 mg

In a base of: North Atlantic Kelp, Nutritional Yeast, Lecithin, Alfalfa, and Wheat Sprouts.

Phyto-Food Ingredients:

  • Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake
  • Soy Force™ (Organic Sprouted Soy Beans)
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Concentrated Barley Grass Juice
  • Hydrilla
  • North Atlantic Sea Kelp
  • North Pacific Sea Kelp
  • Organic Nutritional Yeast


What are Some of the Health Benefits of Cornucopia Supplements?

Cornucopia Super-Food and Phyto-Food build, enhance, promote, and maintain a healthy immune system.


  • Promote Healing
  • Boost Energy & Vitality
  • Increase Digestion
  • Promote Longevity
  • Support Joint Health
  • Increase Organ, Glandular, and Cellular Function
  • Prevent Reactions from Vaccination
  • Counteract Inflammation
  • Prevent Weight Loss Due To Lactation
  • Thwart Wasting Due To Aging
  • Stave Off Gingivitis
  • Restrict Tissue, Organ and Cellular Oxidation
  • Counter Memory Loss
  • Defend Against Obesity and Hip Dysplasia

Doc Broderick has been applying the principles of nutrition that have lead to the Cornucopia Phyto-Food and Super-Food vitamins and supplements in his clinical veterinarian practice for nearly five decades. He has witnessed first-hand diseases and ailments that he treated as a young doctor virtually disappear from his practice through the prescription of preventive nutrition measures. Along with a decrease in disease, he has been privileged to observe the average lifespan of the animals in his practice far outpace the national average. Now, he wants to give more families the chance to have longer, stronger, and healthier relationships with their pets. That's why Cornucopia Super-Food and Phyto-Food were created - to give more people access to the best nutritional regimen for pets in the world. Join the growing Cornucopia family, and give your pets the best holistic animal care anywhere!