Super-Food & Phyto-Food Combo "SPECIAL PRICE"-50% Off

Super-Food & Phyto-Food Combo "SPECIAL PRICE"-50% Off

$ 89.99 per pair


  • Immunity Support
  • Free Radical Defense
  • Promotes Healing
  • Boosts Energy & Vitality
  • Increases Digestion
  • Supports Joint Health

Combining these two supplements gives your pet more:

  • Health Benefits
  • Nutrients
  • Protection from Diseases

Doc Broderick designed Cornucopia Supplements to give your pet the nutrients it needs to live a healthier, longer life. Super-Food antioxidant is based off of the Mediterranean Diet and Phyto-Food immunity support is based off of the Pacific Rim Diet. They should be used in combination and served in equal amounts. We recommend ordering these supplements as a "pair," but they are available to order as single units as well.

Plant-Based Micronutrients

Have you ever noticed your dog munching on the grass on your lawn? On an instinctive level, dogs know they need plant-based micronutrients. And although it is true that cats left to their own devices only eat animals, never plant, did you realize that cats eat their prey whole, guts and all, and also get regular doses of plant nutrients?

Cornucopia's Super-Food and Phyto-Food Combo provides your pets with the plant-derived micronutrients they need without the plant-derived carbohydrates they don't.

Cornucopia's Super-Food provides an amino acid that cats can't make on their own and must get from their diet, taurine. This dietary requirement is unique to cats. They need to get taurine for normal vision and heart function, and for females to carry their unborn kittens to full term. Cats that don't get taurine can go blind—but Super-Food provides them the taurine they need for good eye health.

Immune Resistance

Cornucopia Super-Food also provides vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc dogs need for immune resistance. Like cats, dogs prefer a meat-heavy diet. Meat is a great source of the amino acids that dogs need to keep tissues in good repair, but it's not the greatest source of supplemental vitamins. (Dogs actually can make their own vitamin C.) Super-Food gives your dog the antioxidant boost needed to sustain good health throughout their mature years.

Cornucopia formulated Super-Food with wholesome, natural, organic plant foods that provide the trace minerals and vitamins all pets need for good health. But Cornucopia didn't stop there.

Helpful Plant Chemicals

Cornucopia Phyto-Food gives your pets the helpful plant chemicals that they need to fend off disease and age gracefully. It is an especially good source of the trace minerals your dogs and cats need to stay healthy.

Sprouting seeds concentrate all the minerals from the seed germ into the young shoot so it can make enzymes for growth. In their dried form, they provide these minerals to your pet.

Spirulina might not seem like the obvious choice for pet health, but it has a property that sets it apart from other plant foods: It has all the amino acids your pets need for making healthy tissues.

Full Range Of Amino Acids

Your pet's body makes proteins from amino acids, very specific amino acids, that have to be put together in a specific order. If even one amino acid is missing, a cell can't make the protein it needs. Cornucopia gives your pet the full range of amino acids needed for making proteins without any excess protein that might raise acid levels in the bloodstream and without any carbohydrates your dog or cat doesn't really need.

Cornucopia Super-Food and Phyto-Food really are nutritional insurance for your pets. With these two products and other delicious meals for your pets, you can be absolutely sure your pet gets every nutrient they need every day.

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Super-Food Ingredients:

  • Carotene Complex (Beta, Alpha, Gamma) – 300 iu
  • Vitamin C (Ester-C) – 200 mg
  • Vitamin E (mixed natural Tocopherols) – 100 iu
  • Zinc (Z. Ascorbate) – 10 mg
  • Selenium (Yeast Bound) – 15 mcg
  • Bioflavonoid Complex – 50 mg
  • Chlorella – 50 mg
  • Spirulina – 50 mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba – 20 mg
  • Biotin – 500 mg
  • Bee Pollen – 20 mcg
  • Taurine – 50 mg
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex (Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase) – 50 mg
  • Acidophilus – 10 mg
  • Fossil Mineral Flour – 50 mg

In a base of: North Atlantic Kelp, Nutritional Yeast, Lecithin, Alfalfa, and Wheat Sprouts.

Phyto-Food Ingredients:

  • Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake
  • Soy Force™ (Organic Sprouted Soy Beans)
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Concentrated Barley Grass Juice
  • Hydrilla
  • North Atlantic Sea Kelp
  • North Pacific Sea Kelp
  • Organic Nutritional Yeast

Feeding Guidelines

Phyto-Food Immunity Support Supplement for Pets and Super-Food Antioxidant Supplement for Pets can be mixed with canned food or dry food, raw or table food. Start your pet on these potent supplements by feeding just a pinch (as if you were feeding a goldfish), and then increase every day as your pet develops a taste for it.

Maintenance for pets:

  • Over 60lbs. - 1 Teaspoon Each Per Meal
  • 50lbs. to 60lbs - 3/4 Tsp. to 1 Tsp. Each Per Meal
  • 30lbs. to 50lbs. - 1/2 Tsp. to 3/4 Tsp. Each Per Meal
  • 20lbs. to 30lbs. - 1/4 Tsp. to 1/2 Tsp. Each Per Meal
  • Under 20Lbs. - 1/8 Tsp. to 1/4 Tsp. Each Per Meal

Double or triple these amounts under severe stress conditions such as injury, sickness, or surgery.

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