CAUTION: These Foods Will Harm Your Pet

When deciding what to feed your four-legged family member, there are some foods you should never give them. Pets digest things differently and certain ingredients can have a negative impact on their health.

Here are a few foods pets should never eat:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate contains both caffeine and theobromine which can cause vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pains, seizures, and death in pets.

2. Cheese

Cheese contains sugars and other components that dogs cannot digest. Cheese mainly causes issues when a lot of it is consumed. It can cause gas, diarrhea, and vomiting if a pet comes into contact with too much cheese.

3. Grapes/Raisins

There are chemicals in grapes and raisins that are toxic to pets. Both grapes and raisins can cause rapid kidney failure, vomiting, and diarrhea in pets.

4. Avocados

Avocados contain a toxin called persin, when consumed they can cause upset stomachs, breathing difficulties, and fluid buildup in pets.

All of these foods will have a negative impact on your pet., but that’s not to say all table foods are bad for your pets. With Doc Broderick’s Feeding Paradigm, he explains what foods can be given to your pet along side of Cornucopia Pet Foods!
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Wendy - Jul 29, 2016

I was wondering if you could send a sample pack of your dog food for my pet to try. I have a 53 pound half shepard half hound, and i don’t want to order a case until i’m sure he likes it. My cat enjoyed your food alot! Please let me know if theres any fee.

Thank you,
Wendy Schweitzer

Lisa Landa - Jul 29, 2016

I heard onions and garlic are bad for pets as well.

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