Six Tips to Help Your Cat Live Longer

It’s often said that dogs are man’s best friend; however, many cat owners would argue the same about their feline companions. As a cat owner, you want to ensure that your best friend lives the longest happiest life possible. Thankfully, there are some simple tips to help make this a reality.

1. Establish a Balanced Diet

Possibly one of the most important things to help ensure a long happy life is the inclusion of a balanced healthy diet. Just as a junk food diet negatively impacts us as humans, so to can it impact your cat. When looking for the perfect food for your feline, consider all-natural options that are made with human-grade ingredients. Consider options with no by-products, GMO, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, wheat, corn, or soy. This will ensure that your pet’s meals are easy to digest, healthy, and natural. Foods like this will help ensure that your pet can live a longer life without complications due to unhealthy foods.

2. Ensure Access to Clean Water

While it may sound obvious, some cats can be picky when it comes to what they drink from. If your cat isn’t getting enough water, it could be put at risk of dehydration and urinary tract disease. As such, you should monitor how much your cat is drinking, and if they seem uninterested in a typical bowl you might consider a water fountain instead. Some cats enjoy drinking from moving sources of water and catering to this preference can help keep them properly hydrated.

3. Limit Their Daily Treats

We know how difficult it can be to say no to your cat when they’re looking at you with those needy eyes; however, it’s important not to overfeed them with treats. The American Association for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) suggests that treats should make up no more than 5 to 10 percent of your cat’s total daily caloric intake. If you’re unsure, speak with your vet about how much your cat should be getting. While it may seem minor, overfeeding can lead to obesity, and — although fat cats are cute — it can lead to many health problems that can shorten their lives overall.

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4. Keep Up Their Dental Health

Your cat’s teeth can tell you a lot about its overall health. If they are suffering from large amounts of tartar, gingivitis, or plaque, this can contribute to the growth of bacteria throughout the rest of the body. This can go on to put them at risk of other health issues if it’s not treated appropriately. In addition to having your cat’s teeth checked regularly by the vet, you can also gently clean their teeth with toothpaste that is specially made for cats. By doing this you can help keep their teeth — and the rest of them — in good health.

5. Keep Your Cats Inside

Many cat owners let their cats out during the day; however, this can actually be detrimental to them. Not only does this put them at risk of being hit by a car or hurt by another animal, but it can lead to illness. If someone in your area is using pesticides or poisons that aren’t pet-friendly, they could also be at risk for ingesting that and becoming sick or worse. The best rule of thumb is to always keep your cats indoors and only let them outdoors on a screened-in patio or on a cat leash.

6. Keep Your Regular Vet Visits

It may be tempting to skip the vet if your cat doesn’t appear ill, but this can put them at risk and allow small problems to get worse. While some conditions may not be immediately noticeable, your vet will be able to detect signs and symptoms of problems you might have overlooked. This can make it easier to treat so that your cat can continue to live healthily. These visits are also great to ensure that your cat has all their necessary vaccinations so that they are put at a lower risk of developing certain illnesses and diseases.

Keeping Your Cat Happy and Healthy

With these tips in mind, you can help keep your feline friend around as long as possible. Work with your vet to further develop the best course of action for your cat, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you're ever unsure.
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