Tips To Help Your Dog Live Longer

There are few dog food companies created by a licensed, practicing, seasoned veterinary doctor of over 50-years in practice.

Canine Longevity Starts with the Foods They Eat

 Dr. Broderick has devoted himself to developing a prime dog food that is 100 percent natural and organic. This dedication results in high quality, great-tasting food that your dogs can enjoy. Pet owners attuned to a whole, organic, and natural foods diet tend to feed their best friend the same incredible diet of whole, organic, and natural goodness. These pet owners know the benefits of providing their dogs with the best diet that nature has to offer. It is never too late to start your best friend on a healthier path with quality first dog food.

Tips to Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Well

The longevity of any breed starts with the foods they eat. Our 100 percent organic and natural dog food will give your furry friend new-found energy, and can be combined with some of the following tips for helping your dog live a longer and happier life. 
  • The first of many tips to help keep your dog healthy, of course, is feeding them a healthy diet. This will ideally be one that your dog will eat less of, and still enjoy. You should avoid table foods because these typically have large amounts of hidden sugar and sodium, which can shorten their life. 
  • Regular exercise will help your dog remain healthy, and is a crucial component to living a healthier and longer life. Daily exercise lowers stress, improves mood, increases endorphins, helps to maintain a healthy weight, increases muscle mass, and adds to the happiness in their life.
  • Provide mental stimulation to help ward off depression, anxiety, and other illnesses. Keep your dog busy through training exercises, socialization with other dogs, games, attention, and consider obedience lessons.
  • Check their teeth daily, and routinely brush their teeth to avoid plaque, periodontal disease, bacterial infections, and gingivitis. Poor oral hygiene can lead to heart disease and organ failure. 
  • Take them for a wellness check and teeth cleaning at least once a year. Wellness checks help the vet doctor identify the early onset health problems.
  • Be sure to vaccinate, use flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives. Check with your vet about state regulations, and the essential vaccinations.
  • Give your dog treats modestly, and in small amounts. Treats provide excess calories that are not good for dogs.
  • Always be sure to neuter or spay your dog.
  • Keep your dog's bed and eating areas clean.
Canine Exercise

Give your Dog Natural Foods and Supplements for a Longer Life for

Unfortunately, there are not any magical cures or treatments that help will your dog live forever so far. However, a quality diet coupled with suitable approaches can add a few more years to your dog's life.  Every breed has various life expectancies, and the smaller breed dogs tend to live longer than the larger breed dogs. However, with the right food, care, healthy habits, exercise, and regular vet visits, you can assure your dog, no matter its size or breed, lives a few more years.  To learn more about how natural foods and supplements can be given to your dog to promote a healthy lifestyle, please see our all-natural food options and the additional supplements that can be given to round out their diet.
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