Scout (Shi-Tzu / Bichon) & Gunner (Bichon / Daschund)

Gunner and ScoutDear Doc,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for this wonderful product. I have two dogs and my mom has one. My two boys are Scout an 8 year old shi-tzu/bichon cross and Gunner a 2 year old bichon/daschund cross. Mom’s dog (who's name is Ninety) is a seven year old cocker spaniel/beagle cross. Within a week of the boys using the Super-Food and Phyto-Food we have noticed a huge difference. All three are pooping better, scratching less, and licking their feet less. With Scout these things are especially important because he has had anal gland infections every spring for years. During our cold winters he will only go out to poop once per day. This spring was great - no anal gland infection just a happy boy.

Now we are into allergy season and Scout has had terrible allergies since he was a baby. I have tried everything, he was on a special allergy food from the vet and was taking Benadryl up until Cornucopia came into our lives. Now that he is on your products when his allergies really started up with the grass, dust and mold, I just increased the Phyto-Food and Super-Food by a 1.4 tsp, twice a day, allergies cured no sniffling, itching or licking. It was done just like that no more Benadryl for him. He is a new dog, he’s always been full of energy but now he is puppy again.

Poor Gunner was rescued from an abusive home, he was a real mess. He had terrible gas and one of his tear ducts was blocked so his eye ran non-stop. I tried adding a ball to his dish to slow his eating and he was eating special food from the vet and these things improved the gas problem a little bit but it was still bad. Cornucopia has cured his gas problem and his eye is running less. I went from cleaning his eye twice a day to every couple of days. He shed less and just seems much happier and full of life.

Ninety sheds like crazy but so far the shedding has improved and I can’t wait to seen more positive results the longer they have been on it. Sometimes he is prone to ear infections and I am looking forward to this being a non-issue from now on. The boys are crazy over the stuff they can’t wait to eat.

Thank you Doc!

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- Doc -