Buddy (Beagle) - Tymon Conroy, Owner


Dear Dr. Broderick and the Cornucopia Staff,

I'd like to share the following testimonial.

I was first introduced to Dr. Broderick's Cornucopia products by Kevin Trudeau & GIN. Buddy, my beagle, has been eating according to Dr. Broderick's Paradigm for 3 years now. At the time, Buddy was 9 years of age and I had begun to see my spry pup's health deteriorate with age. Three months prior to beginning the diet, Buddy had gotten fleas for the first time. His skin and coat were bitten up; once negating the flea issue he was left with irritated skin and missing fur on his rear end. At the time I found limited success with a parasite oil product, but not the recovery I wanted.

I joined GIN shortly after this flea episode. After hearing about Dr. Broderick from KT, reading testimonials, and seeing the Shark Tank clip, I was convinced that the Cornucopia paradigm could change my dog's health. Just eight weeks after Buddy started the diet, the results were remarkable. He had grown back much of his coat and his skin calmed down (he stopped biting above his tail). Over the next year I saw Buddy grow a more youthful demeanor. He looked better than ever. Today, Buddy is a healthy 12 year old beagle for which I am very grateful.

Recently, and older (about 13) Chihuahua came into my life. I rescued her off the streets one June night after I nearly struck her with my vehicle. Initially she was in rather poor shape; her skin was infected, missing fur, terrible cough from a congestive heart condition... I knew the Super-Food and Phyto-Food supplements would help her to heal. Sure enough, within a few weeks I saw noticeable improvement in her condition. The Cornucopia Paradigm, along with a few oil based skin products, manage to completely turn my once stray and hopeless Chihuahua's health around. Her skin cleared up, coat grew in, & surprisingly (or not) I have seen a remarkable improvement in her heart condition since she has been with me. Cough fits and shortness of breath will seldom occur now. 

Overall, I could not be more pleased with Dr. Broderick's products. The Cornucopia Paradigm for health is the absolute best thing that you can do for your loving companions. I tell all pet owners who will listen about the results that I have seen with my dogs. I am certain that if I had not been exposed to Cornucopia that my dogs' health would not be what it is today. Thank you for helping me to have the healthiest pets possible.

Tymon Conroy
Washington, NJ

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- Doc -