Molly (Schnauzer) - Susan Budvitis, Owner

Molly (Schnauzer) Is A Cornucopia Pet Foods Superpet!

Dr. Broderick,

I owe you a debt of gratitude because our beloved white schnauzer, Molly, is on her way back to health because of you. I had run out of my specialty dry dog food for her so I purchased a bag of Blue Buffalo from the nearby store. After a week or so, she was coughing, spitting up mucus, and chewing on grass. She was lethargic and I didn't know what to do. I brought her to the vet who said she had allergies and I was to give her antihistamines. These relieved her symptoms but seemed to make her even more out of it.

Then I saw you on Shark Tank and immediately knew that the work you were doing in pet nutrition was what I needed for my girl. After weaning her onto the Cornucopia, I did a test and gave her only your food and none of the Blue Buffalo and sure enough, she stopped coughing and spitting up within 12 hours! I feel so sad that she was in misery for those few months but am so grateful to you for caring so much and helping to turn the tide from giving our beloved pets dead food to delicious, nutrient rich piles of yum that they go crazy for!

Molly, Wayne & Piper - Happy Cornucopia Pets


Molly can't wait for feeding time and you should see my little Piper spin when she hears me prepare it! Even my fat, old cat, Wayne, gets himself up and walks over to get in on some of the action :) Thank you again! I've referred a friend to you whose pets were all having trouble in one way or another. She, too, can't believe the difference. Bravo to you!

- Susan Budvitis

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- Doc -