Bogie & Dexter (Bichons) - Karen Ritter, Owner

Bogie and Dexter Love Cornucopia

We bought Cornucopia in May, 2015 from seeing it on the Shark Tank show. We have 2 little Bichons, a 6 yr old named Bogie, 19lbs, who has been sickly since ever we brought him home. His brother Dexter, also from the same litter, 25lbs, didn't have the energy we thought he should have. With Bogie always at the vet for one thing or another, including two bladder stones surgeries and pancreatitis, we decided to try the food.

As soon as we received the food, we found out simultaneously that Bogie now has diabetes! The vet wanted to put him on a prescription food loaded with carbs that they use for diabetic dogs. I told him that we had just purchased this food from Cornucopia and we wanted him to eat it instead. Bogie started off on 9 units of insulin twice a day, and within a week was down to 7, and then within a month or two was all the way down to 2.5 units twice a day.

After only five months of being on the Cornucopia food, we just found out today from our vet that Bogie no longer has diabetes at all!! What a miracle! Since being on Cornucopia, these boys have gone from laying around all of the time to playing like puppies again! Dexter was overweight prior, and Bogie was under weight from the diabetes when they started on the food. Their weight has adjusted perfectly! Their muscle tone is really amazing now too. What a difference this food has made!

We feed them each 1/2 of a cup of Cornucopia twice daily, mixed with one full cup of steamed green vegetables twice a day each, and also added 1/2 Tsp of each of the phytofood and superfood powders twice a day as well in their meals, and we mix it all together. Then we added about a 1 tsp of the olive oil on top of their food at each meal. We give them only distilled water to drink as well. At meal times before, it was always difficult to get Dexter to eat because he was so picky. Both of them now carry on and bark at us while we are making their dinners because they can't wait to eat it!

They both just LOVE their food now! I would highly recommend this food to anyone who wants a healthy and happy dog! If anyone has a dog or cat with diabetes, this is the diet for them! I didn't think it could be done, and now our precious little one no longer has this awful disease and they both look so much healthier and are much more energetic. We are over the moon about Cornucopia!

- Karen Ritter, Ohio

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Annie - Sep 30, 2015

I haven’t received the food yet, but in reading the reviews I discovered that one person is putting Super food and Phytofood powders mixed in with the Cornucopia food. Do you sell these powders? Do they have them at Petco or other pet stores?
Do I have to get them at vitamin stores for human use? Or, do you even recommend using these additional powders? I am desperate to do the right thing for my animals!
I have ordered the variety pack to try them on it.
Please answer my questions so I can get the powders, if necessary, before the food arrives!
Many thanks and best regards,
Annie Pinkerton

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