Wildcrafted Himalayan Mountain Salt

Wildcrafted Himalayan Mountain Salt

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From deep within the Himalayan Mountains come 250 million year old pure salt crystals that contain 84 chelated minerals, untouched by the environment. This orchestration of minerals composed by nature contain every mineral that we know of from the beginning of life on earth. These minerals are in their ancient healthy form and are raw.

Unlike common table salt, a highly refined industrial byproduct otherwise known as sodium chloride contains basically three ingredients: sodium, chloride, and chemicals, including bleach to make the salt white.  Our Wildcrafted Himalayan Mountain Salt is completely pure. Because of its purity, Himalayan Salt harmonizes naturally with you and your pet's body providing alkaline/acidity balance and water retention regulation. In addition, the high quality mineral content can help facilitate the normal absorption of nutrients from food.

Our Wildcrafted Himalayan Mountain Salt have been crushed into a fine powder. With an exquisite pink hue, our Himalayan Salt naturally contains a trace mineral complex in a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. This salt is truly wholesome for both you and your pet children; as well as every animal and plant that has lived on this earth from the beginning of time.  Every Cornucopia Pet Food flavor contains our Wildcrafted Himalayan Mountain Salt, essential for every stage of life.

Each package contains 100% Wildcrafted Himalayan Mountain Salt.

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