Cornucopia Krispy Krunchies Treats

Cornucopia Krispy Krunchies Treats

$ 5.00

Cornucopia Krispy Krunchies Treats are healthy, dehydrated, high-protein snacks made from our Cornucopia pet food. This nutritious treat can also be used as a dry food for smaller dogs and cats.

Available in two delicious flavors: Purrfect Flavor and Mixed Flavor.  Occasionally we make treats in other flavors like Pure Organic Turkey or Pure Organic Chicken. 

With Cornucopia's Krispy Krunchies, you're assured a treat with:

  • High-protein
  • No preservatives
  • Dehydrated in a “low and slow” process to preserve nutrients and vital enzymes

Ideas for Using Krispy Krunchies With Your Pet

Pets love treats. Pet parents love giving their animals treats. Some pet parents aren't sure whether they should use treats in training their dogs and cats. But we believe treats and training go together naturally!

Dogs and cats learn faster, and everybody has more fun when good behavior is rewarded with treats. Treats aren't like bribing your pet to do the right thing. They are more like a paycheck for doing the right thing. 

When you get a paycheck, you show up for work. When there's the possibility of a treat in our dog or cat's future, they pay attention to the opportunities they have to earn them.

Cornucopia treats are just the right size for maximum training value. You don't want to give your pet a handful of treats every time they do something right. You want them to do one right thing, then another right thing, and so on throughout their training session. With Cornucopia your pets feel rewarded, but they don't fill up on treats. There is still room for dinner!

How Many Can Treats Should My Pet Get to Eat?

Treats can make up as much as 10 percent of your pet's diet. For dogs, that can be more than 100 calories a day. Some cats can get up to 75 calories a day in their treats. With Cornucopia, you can be sure you are giving your pet a healthy treat with all the goodness you find in Cornucopia canned pet foods, but in a single, bite-sized morsel of tasty goodness.

Storage Suggestion:

To preserve freshness, please refrigerate or even better, FREEZE your Cornucopia Krispy Krunchies Treats in a container with an air-tight lid.

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